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Ivan Julian @ Raccoon Motel

Raccoon Motel, Davenport, IA

I look forward to playing this historic venue with my band! It's right next to the record shop, Ragged Records!
We'll be performing songs from my latest PRAVDA LP, Swing Your Lanterns plus the new single, "Her Lips." Maybe throw in some RH & the V's as well.



Vinyl (PRE-ORDER)  Ships May 2023


Soaking up a multitude of experiences for more than four decades, Ivan Julian, who has notably distinguished himself as guitarist and writer for (Richard Hell and The Voidoids, The Clash, Shreikback,The Outsets, etc.), releases his new album, Swing Your Lanterns, on PRAVDA Records. With songs that reflect experiences over the last five years and beyond that follow one another like a series of novelettes recounting both past and present..   To help make this possible, we find Florent Barbier of Elliot Murphy's band on drums, Keith Streng of The Fleshtones on percussion and backing vocals- from Chicago, Nick Tremulis on guitar and backing vocals, Derek Brandt also from Chicago on bass,  James Burke of Detroit on bass, as well as Jared Michael Nickerson on bass to name just a few.   

Julian, meanwhile, plays everything from guitars to organ to electric Bulbul Tarang (an instrument found in India and Japan). Swing Your Lanterns was recorded at his analog studio, SuperGiraffeSound in Brooklyn, New York and Raxtrax Studio in Chicago, Illinois onto 2'' tape.   

legendary guitarist unleashes his best solo album yet” - Katherine Yeske Taylor

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